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     Gergő Gyula made his first demo album under the name FONOGERI in 2006 with the title "Marbles", then he played the stuff at Tilos Radio after Cökxpôn Ambient Society contacted him. Its style is mostly chillout, triphop and ambient, all of which can be labeled as experimental electro.
     In 2007, he performed at EFOTT at the Dub Székház Tent for two hours - with a mix specially created for the festival. In 2009, he contracted with Jamendo and composed a new album called "Letters From Home", which has been listened to and downloaded thousands of times since then, but has also been recognized by foreign radios, podcasts and other broadcasting platforms (Chillcast with Anji Bee, SF CA, Cary Norsworthy's Expand Your Musical Horizons, SF CA, XtraChill with Andreas, Bonn DE, All Tribes Radio, Subzero Soundworks, last.fm, etc.).
     In 2010, he released two smaller, continuous albums, "Esti Mese" and "Roughneck Selection", which can be interpreted as a long, complex, dreamlike story. In the same year, he went on stage at the Sziget Chill Garden with the former guitarist of Korai Öröm, then known as Spacecafe, Péter Takács and Publo Hunny, bass player, Zsolt Hammer, where they played Spacecafe and Fonogeri tracks live.
     In 2011, another LP came "Golden Age", which is a kind of tribute of the creator to this stage of his life. Approx. one third of the tracks are still among the most listened until now.
     After two years of waiting, in 2013, a more angular and sluggish electronica album, "Dark&Noisy", came with dark tones and also with great success.
     In 2014 he appeared again on Sziget Festival - this time in solo - with a three-hour material titled "Forgotten Shades".
     In 2015, a summer heatwave inspired the album "Seven Pearls", featuring 7 new tracks, in the style of dance, house, and new disco. Seven Pearls is one of the most listened short albums, perhaps vecause of its dynamism and the shadowed, cheerful sunny mood, and also because of changes made in the mastering process.
     In 2016, after a long preparation, the album "Shiny Winds" returns to the previous downtempo line, but not to the dark, but - by title - to sunny, summery, happy experiences. Guitars, tunes, love, romance. This has brought the result, with its timely proportional listening to the previous popular albums, the chillout and lounge fans are closely following it on the Internet. In the same year, he released a 4-track mini album entitled "'56", for free use, with sad, gray, ominous background music. This is not a coincidence, since it has been published on the anniversary of the '56 Revolution in the hope that it will be used for short documentaries and exhibitions.
     With his friend, Zsolt Balázs, they made a 30-minute photo tour, called "Csendsóhaj" (Sigh Of Silence), with the concept and visual material of Zsolt and the cover music of Gergő, specifically associated with the images and the story. The material is not available on the internet, but it can be ordered on a limited edition pendrive. In the summer of 2017 he took part at the Campus Festival at Dub Székház with a 2-hour live mix of his own songs.
     In the spring of 2018, he released "Into The Labyrinth", an LP again with 19 new songs, such as "Joey Wants To Find", "Streety", "Zerhacker (Opening The Doors)" among other more popular tracks. The album is trippy, cinematic and sometimes fuzzy with dark and misty flashes. As he said, he could make video clips for every track on the album, if he would have time for that.
     Fonogeri's music does not depend on styles, but in any case it's electro, which is not bound by publishing barriers and labels. He's a self-taught artist who wants to try everything in the world to what he feels affinity. To date, his music is played in French, German, Spanish, British, Italian, Canadian bars, restaurants, clubs, fashion shows, adventure videos and commercials, with an average of 4000 streams and 150 downloads per day.

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